Software is changing the world. And thousands of developer teams use Atlassian tools to create this amazing software. Help us change the way they build it.

Codegeist is Atlassian's add-on development competition. Now in it's seventh iteration, we're giving out $10,000 prizes each month (and $25,000 at the end of May) for developers to build plugins, integrations, extensions, web apps, mobile apps, CLI tools, and more for JIRA, Confluence, Stash, and our dev tools. If it uses an Atlassian product API, it's eligible.

Your mission:

  1. Build an add-on (or two, or three) for any Atlassian product
  2. List it in the Atlassian Marketplace
  3. Spread the word! Encourage Atlassian's millions of users to try out your add-on and review it on the Marketplace.


Prizes every month

Don't wait until the deadline to submit your add-on. We will award the same prizes at the end of each month, selecting any add-on submitted to the Atlassian Marketplace in that month. Four months = four add-ons = four chances to win. At the end of May, we will award the 'Best Overall Add-on' prize to our favorite of the four monthly winners, as well as a 'Best Stash Add-on' to the best add-on written for Stash during the entire contest.


Make money making money

We built the Atlassian Marketplace to help our awesome ecosystem of developers sell their add-ons to our customer base of 23,000 companies. In seven months, we've paid out almost $3 million to developers. How easy is it to start making money on the Marketplace? Three quick steps:

  1. Add the Atlassian Plugin Licensing API to your add-on
  2. Submit your add-on to the Markeptlace as "Paid-via-Atlassian"
  3. Let us manage your payments, billing, and renewals. And you get a check each month.


Please read the full rules for eligibility.


Please read the full rules for submission requirements.

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$65,000 in prizes

Best Add-On of the Month (February)

Best Add-On of the Month (March)

Best Add-On of the Month (April)

Best Add-On of the Month (May)

Best Stash Add-On

Best Add-On Overall

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

We love software. We hate forms.

  1. Accept this challenge on ChallengePost.
  2. Check out the resources page or our developer site to get started with our SDK and APIs.
  3. Submit your add-on to the Atlassian Marketplace and make sure to check the "Codegeist Entry" box.
  4. Enter your submission on ChallengePost with your add-on's name, the plugin key from your atlassian-plugin.xml file, your add-on banner image in via the image uploader,  and your marketplace listing URL in the "Website URL" field.

You can see screenshots and get more information about entering here.


Mike Cannon-Brookes

Mike Cannon-Brookes
Co-founder & co-CEO, Atlassian

Jeff Atwood

Jeff Atwood

Jonathan Nolen

Jonathan Nolen
Senior Development Manager, Atlassian

Don Brown

Don Brown
Software Architect, Atlassian

Nick Wade

Nick Wade
Group Manager, Atlassian Marketplace

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness
    How practical and complete is the add-on’s solution to the problems it claims to solve?
  • Creativity and Elegance
    How well does the add-on solve the problems it claims to solve, and is the design intuitive, simple and in line with Atlassian’s Design Guidelines.
  • Completeness
    How ready is the add-on for wide distribution to an audience of business-critical users.

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